About Free Gift Codes

A brief overview of how the free Gift Codes will function is explained below.

  • Free Gift Codes are gifts from the Operating Team of the futekiya Library.
  • Free Gift Codes are different from Gift Codes and cannot be purchased.
  • One user can receive multiple free Gift Codes on different occasions.
  • However, if a user is sent multiple free Gift Codes during the same period, only one code can be used at a time.
  • Only one free Gift Code can be used on one account at a time per Library.
  • Once a free Gift Code has been redeemed and has reached the end of its viable period, another free Gift Code can be used.
  • If an account is already subscribed, users can redeem a free Gift Code only after cancelling the original subscription.
  • An unredeemed free Gift Code may have an expiration date.
  • Free Gift Codes can only be redeemed by the recipient and cannot be transferred to another user.
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