Pledge Against Piracy

Thank you for supporting futekiya!

We added a “Pledge Against Piracy” in today’s service update.

A “Pledge” step has been augmented to the signup process for users who wish to create an account, starting from today.

A “Pledge” button will appear on the dashboard after signing in for users who already have an account.

We regret to have to reiterate our stance to our law-abiding registered users and subscribers. But unfortunately, we are also aware of some users who unlawfully misuse the content we distribute.

As a result of such misuse, our distribution agreements with publishers could be terminated.

Likewise, such misuse can affect artists so heavily and negatively that it eventually pushes them to stop creating for good.

These things not only harm our service, but they ultimately prevent manga fans from reading what they love.

In addition, publishers and manga artists will be more reluctant than ever to distribute manga outside of Japan, meaning there may be negative impacts not only on e-book distributions but also on physical manga.

To avoid such negative impacts on the manga business as a whole, including readers, manga artists, publishers, and platforms such as ourselves, every one of us must be facing in the right direction and change the environment surrounding manga to one that is more supportive and fair.

We do not expect the situation to improve overnight by pledging piracy, but we believe we must start somewhere and take one step at a time. We hope that our efforts reach people and help them do what is right.

Additionally, we have added a button to report any illegal uploads users may have found. It is displayed on the dashboard of your account.

Until now, we have been able to take appropriate action against illegal uploads of our content based on reports from many supportive users. We want to further take proactive measures against piracy and appreciate your continued cooperation.

We wish all our users a better world for manga!

We thank you again for your support.

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