Subscription Procedure Using PayPal

Step 1:
On the Welcome page, click on the “Manage Subscription” button under futekiya Library.

Step 2:
On the futekiya Manage Subscription page, click the “Subscription” button.
Note: Plans with a longer subscription period are discounted compared to shorter plans.

Step 3:
Please wait until you are directed to the PayPal website.

Two buttons will appear:
・“PayPal” button (Those who already have a PayPal account, please click this button.)
・“Subscribe” button (Those who do not have a PayPal account, please click or tap this button.)

The following steps will be for those who already have a PayPal account
Please click or tap the “PayPal” button.

Step 4:
Login using your PayPal account information.

Step 5:
Select a payment method and click “Continue.”
You may need to add a payment method.
The availability of payment methods may vary between countries.
For more details, refer to your residing country’s official PayPal website.

Step 6:
Please wait until the futekiya Subscription Contract Complete page will appear.
This page indicates that you have successfully subscribed to the futekiya Library.

To check your subscription, follow these steps:

Step 1:
Go to the Welcome page and click or tap “Manage Subscription” under futekiya Library.

Step 2:
If you are already subscribed, the subscription method and the next billing date will be displayed.

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