User Interface Update and Additional Features

Welcome to the newly updated futekiya Library!

We’ve updated the User Interface for easier viewing on all devices.
With a brand new design and layout, futekiya Library has become more convenient than ever!

We’ve also added new features:


You can now check which titles were released on a specific day.

・Completed Titles Marked

You will know which titles are complete by looking at the red checkmark beside the manga title.
You can also choose to show completed titles only when using the Browse function.

・”Spicy” Rating

You can now see how hardcore a work is with our 5-level Spicy rating marked with a red chili pepper.
You can also choose the level of spice you want in a work when using the Browse function.

・Social Logins

You may now log in to futekiya Library using your Facebook or Google account.
Of course, you can still log in using your email address and password like before.
You can also sign up with your Facebook or Google account or
change your log in settings from email address to Facebook or Google account later.

・Account Deletion

In case you want to delete you account, you may now do so yourself
without having to email Support.
Once you delete you account, you can’t sign up with the same email address so be careful!

・In case the layout changes due to the UI update

We designed the futekiya Library to reuse stored data to reduce data usage.
The layout may be off if you have the old data stored on your device so
please try the following:

・ Clear browser cache
・ Restart the browser
・ Reboot the device
・ Update the browser to the latest version
・ Use another browser
・ Update OS to the latest version
・ Check the security application settings

We will keep working to improve futekiya over the coming months. Thank you for your patience and support, and please enjoy reading!

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